Welcome to the official website of Jugghead Green. This is the place to get everything you'd want to know (and a few things you probably didn't) about Quan WIlliams' musical alter-ego.

The new Jugghead album is out now!

Jugghead's official fourth solo album, You Only Die Once is now officially available on my Bandcamp page. Much thanks to everyone that preordered the project and helped me promote it (especially you, Lefty.) It is my magnum opus, and I am pleased at how well it was received. If you havent't heard it, give it a listen now! You can also check out the instrumentals and two bonus singles featuring some buddies of mine at the links below. If you click here, you will go to the official YODO site, where you can also download the illustrated lyricbook and download the YODO poster, along with some other cool merch.


When I created YODO, i wanted it to be a complete story experience. Since i couldn't afford to actually get this thing filmed, I tried to do the nect best thing and have the lyrics available as a standalone chapbook. But there's a bonus: I also added a number of EXCLUSIVE hand illustrations of the action, along with all cover art for the album and all of the singles. So if you want a complete experience, click on the pic below and download your copy of the chapbook!

btw, kudos to Jennifer Prentice for the awesome poster art!